Troubleshooting Process Plant Control

Troubleshooting Process Plant Control

A Practical Guide to Avoiding and Correcting Mistakes
2. Aufl.

von: Norman P. Lieberman

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 14.03.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119267775
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 336

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Examines real life problems and solutions for operators and engineers running process controls Expands on the first book with the addition of five new chapters as well as new troubleshooting examples Written for the working operator and engineer, with straightforward instruction not hinged on complex math Includes real-life examples of control problems that commonly arise and how to fix them Emphasizes single and well-established process engineering principles that will help working engineers and operators switch manual control loops to automatic control
Dedication to 2nd Edition Dedication Preface to 2nd Edition Preface Introduction to 2nd Edition Introduction—A History Of Positive Feedback Loops About The Author Chapter 1 Learning from Experience Chapter 2 Process Control Parameter Measurement Chapter 3 Dependent and Independent Variables Chapter 4 Binary Distillation of Pure Components Chapter 5 Distillation Tower Pressure Control Chapter 6 Control of Aqueous Phase (Waste Water) Strippers Chapter 7 Pressure Control in Multicomponent Systems Chapter 8 Optimizing Fractionation Effi ciency by Temperature Profile Chapter 9 Analyzer Process Control Chapter 10 Fired Heater Combustion Air Control Chapter 11 Using Existing Controls to Promote Energy Efficiency Chapter 12 Sizing Process Control Valves Chapter 13 Control Valve Position on Instrument Air Failure Chapter 14 Override and Split-Range Process Control Chapter 15 Vacuum System Pressure Control Chapter 16 Reciprocating Compressors Chapter 17 Centrifugal Compressor Surge vs. Motor Over-Amping Chapter 18 Controlling Centrifugal Pumps Chapter 19 Steam Turbine Control Chapter 20 Steam and Condensate Control Chapter 21 Control of Process Reactions Chapter 22 Function of the Process Control Engineer Chapter 23 Steam Quality and Moisture Content Chapter 24 Level, Pressure, Flow, and Temperature Indication Methods Chapter 25 Alarm and Trip Design for Safe Plant Operations Chapter 26 Inverted Response of Process Parameters Chapter 27 Nonlinear Process Responses Chapter 28 Control Malfunction Stories About My Seminars Process Control Nomenclature Used In Petroleum Refineries & Petrochemical Plants Further Readings on Troubleshooting Process Controls The Norm Lieberman Video Library Of Troubleshooting Process Operations Index Afterword
Norman Lieberman is a practicing Chemical Engineer with 54 years of design, operation, and troubleshooting experience. His clients are refineries and petrochemical plants. He is well known in the process industry for instructing technical process seminars, primarily for refineries and petrochemical plants.
Easy-to-implement solutions that don't require complex mathematics Without resorting to complicated concepts, Troubleshooting Process Plant Control, Second Edition provides readers the skills needed to solve typical problems in process control. It's filled with real-life examples of problems that commonly arise in process control alongside common sense solutions. Moreover, the text is exceptionally easy to understand. While there are many new control concepts presented, they are all solidly based on decades-old technical concepts. The new edition expands on the first book with the addition of five new chapters as well as new troubleshooting examples throughout the text. It emphasizes well-established process engineering principles that enable engineers and operators to switch from manual control loops to automatic control. Among the new chapters presented are: Reboiler, feed preheat, refrigeration unit, and vaporizer control Air cooler and shell and tube condenser control Boiler plant and de-aerator, condensate recovery, and demineralizer control "Inverted" response to a changed process variable Controlling catalytic process units With its straightforward explanations, clear examples, and easy-to-implement solutions, this book is ideal for all plant console operators and process engineers.

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