The Study of Food, Tourism, Hospitality and Events

The Study of Food, Tourism, Hospitality and Events

21st-Century Approaches
Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management

von: Sue Beeton, Alison Morrison

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Verlag: Springer
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Veröffentl.: 14.06.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9789811306389
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This book elaborates upon, critiques and discusses 21st-century approaches to scholarship and research in the food, tourism, hospitality, and events trades and applied professions, using case examples of innovative practice. The specific field considered in this book is also placed against the backdrop of the larger question of how universities and other institutions of higher learning are evolving and addressing the new relationships between research, scholarship and teaching.
Chapter 1. Introduction.-Chapter 2. Framing Scholarly Practice.-Part 1: The Study of Food, Tourism, Hospitality and Events: Past, Present & Future.-Chapter 3. Tourism and Food: Necessity or experience?.-Chapter 4. Event studies: Progression and future in the field.-Chapter 5. The Australian Quality Framework & Lifelong Learning: an educator’s perspective.-Chapter 6. Cooking the Books.-Chapter 7. An Indigenous Journey.-Part 2: From Vocational to Higher Education: a continuing journey or full stop?.-Chapter 8. Curricular Reform in Food Education.-Chapter 9. Supporting Scholarship: Reshaping a Vocational Educational Library for Higher Education.-Chapter 10. Better Together: Negotiating the tension between liberal and practical knowledge in event management curriculum design.-Chapter 11. Mobility as the Teacher: experience-based learning.- Chapter 12. Student learning and employability: immersion in live events.-Chapter 13. Designing and Running Overseas Study Tours.-Part 3: Research Informed Teaching.-Chapter 14. Bridging the Gap: Making research ‘useful’ in Food, Tourism, Hospitality and Events - the role of research impact.-Chapter 15. Participatory Action Research as Development Tool for Industry Training.-Chapter 16. Outside the Classroom Walls: Understanding War and Peace on the Western Front.-Chapter 17. Student Leadership Development.-Chapter 18. International Students as Tourists: implications for educators.-Chapter 19.Through the camera lens: utilising visual imagery with short study tours abroad.-Part 4: Pushing the Boundaries of Scholarship.-Chapter 20. Fuelling a Praxis-Exegesis Cyclical Model.-Chapter 21. Context Specific Language: Critical to student learning.-Chapter 22. Simulated Pedagogies and Auto-ethnographic Reflections.-Part 5: Conclusions: Into the 21st Century.- Chapter 23. Plausible Futures: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming our Industry.-Chapter 24. Conclusion: Studying Scholarship in changing times.
Sue Beeton is the Foundation Chair of the College of Eminent Professors at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia and was previously at La Trobe University for 18 years, where she served as Head of the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. She has published widely in the tourism field, particularly in the areas of film-induced tourism and nature-based tourism, as well as tourism-based community development and is a regular Keynote Speaker at conferences from Iran and Israel to Europe, Japan and other countries. She is founder and Past President of the Asia Pacific chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) and Executive Board Member of TTRA International.Alison Morrison is an Eminent Professor at William Angliss Institute, Melbourne. Most of her career was spent at the University of Strathclyde where she held posts as Vice-Dean (Research) of the Strathclyde Business School, and Head of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (formerly The Scottish Hotel School). This was followed by a role as Professor of Hospitality at Surrey University, and Head of School of International Business, Victoria University in Melbourne. Alison has published primarily in her specialist area of small and entrepreneurial hospitality and tourism businesses. Within the field of hospitality, key contributions have been made through the co-edited books ‘In Search of Hospitality’ and ‘Hospitality: A Social Lens’. She has taught entrepreneurship in hospitality and tourism extensively overseas at universities in Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia, Lapland, Iran and Mauritius. 
Explores the vocational/professional nexus in the fields of study of food, tourism, hospitality and eventsProvides innovative, creative, and practical approaches to research and scholarship in this fieldDemonstrates a beneficial symbiotic relationship between vocational and professional education

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