The Rise of the Platform Marketer

The Rise of the Platform Marketer

Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms
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von: Craig Dempster, John Lee

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 09.04.2015
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Develop the skills and capabilities quickly becoming essential in the new marketing paradigm The Rise of the Platform Marketer helps you leverage the "always-on" consumer to deliver more personalized engagements across media, channels, and devices. By managing these interactions at scale throughout the customer lifecycle, you can optimize the value of your customers and segments through strategic use of Connected CRM (cCRM). This book shows you how to take advantage of the massive growth and proliferation of social and other digital media, with clear strategy for developing the new capabilities, tools, metrics, and processes essential in the age of platform marketing. Coverage includes identity management, audience management, consumer privacy and compliance, media and channel optimization, measurement and attribution, experience design, and integrated technology, plus a discussion on how the company as a whole must evolve to keep pace with marketing's increasingly rapid evolution and capabilities. The expansion of digital platforms has created addressability opportunity through search, video, display, and social media, offering today's foremost opportunity for competitive advantage. This book outlines the capabilities and perspective required to reap the rewards, helping you shift your strategy to align with the demands and expectations of the modern consumer. Develop the tools, metrics, and processes necessary to engage the modern consumer Gain a deep understanding of Connected Customer Relationship Management Leverage trends in technology and analytics to create targeted messages Adjust your company's structure and operations to align with new capabilities The new era of marketing requires thorough understanding of cCRM, along with the knowledge and innovative forethought to thrive in the ever-expanding digital audience platform environment. The Rise of the Platform Marketer gives you an edge, and helps you clear a path to full implementation.
Foreword David Williams vii Preface ix Acknowledgments xi Chapter 1 The Age of the Customer 1 Chapter 2 The Ad Tech Ecosystem 21 Special Contributor: Anudit Vikram Chapter 3 Introducing the Platform Marketer 39 Chapter 4 Identity Management 51 Special Contributor: Matthew Mobley Chapter 5 Audience Management 63 Special Contributor: Peter Vandre Chapter 6 The Privacy Paradox 75 Special Contributor: Bennie Smith Chapter 7 Media Optimization 99 Special Contributor: Megan Pagliuca Chapter 8 Channel Optimization 117 Special Contributor: Zimm Zimmermann Chapter 9 Experience Design and Creation 133 Special Contributors: Patrick Collins and Kevin Walsh Chapter 10 Audience Platform Utilization 151 Special Contributor: Matthew Naeger Chapter 11 Measurement and Attribution 163 Special Contributor: Peter Vandre Chapter 12 Marketing Technology Stack 177 Special Contributor: Matthew Mobley Chapter 13 Organizing for Success 191 Special Contributors: Leah van Zelm and Peter Kemp About the Authors 215 About Merkle 217 Index 219
ERIC HEHMAN is Chief Executive Officer of Austin Asset. Eric joined Austin Asset in 1997 as an unpaid intern, became a principal in 1999, and CEO in 2007. In 2014, Eric completed the seven-year transition plan providing for the retirement of the firm's founder. JAY HUMMEL is a Senior Vice President in the Corporate Strategy group of Envestnet. He spends much of his time consulting with the company's largest Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) clients and prospects, helping them build and deliver on their strategic vision through their partnership with Envestnet. TIM KOCHIS is a 40-plus-year veteran of the wealth management industry and a founder and former CEO and Chairman of Aspiriant. He successfully transitioned equity ownership and management responsibility and now consults with firms around the world facing similar issues.
Inside, three experts in management and equity transitions explore proven methods to overcome the operational, financial, and emotional obstacles to effective succession strategies. This practical resource, drawing insights from a never before assembled array of industry thought leaders and iconic practitioners, provides real-world advice for accomplishing the successors' goals, the founders' goals, and ultimately, and most importantly, for achieving durable benefit for the firm's clients. Success and Succession offers the keys to unlocking value, power, and potential in your firm's future. Praise for SUCCESS AND SUCCESSION "Tim, Eric, and Jay explore the seldom seen or heard world of successors' involvement in the overall transition planning process. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to be a successor, in ownership or in management, and certainly in both. Present and future owners will derive a lasting benefit by mining the insight that comes with this book." —Mark Tibergien, CEO & Managing Director, Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC, a BNY Mellon company "In this excellent and much needed book about succession, Tim, Eric, and Jay tell it like it really is. They have pulled together key concepts and strategies that will help both founders and successors create viable transitions. I have been there and I know—this is good stuff." —Kaycee Krysty, President Emerita, Laird Norton Tyee
Praise for SUCCESS AND SUCCESSION "My team takes pride in helping firms identify transition needs and plan for optimal results. Hearing perspectives and insights about how to avoid pitfalls and maximize positive outcomes directly from advisors like Eric, Jay, and Tim is invaluable for firms as they think about both leadership and equity transitions. Their point is clear: It's all about getting things right for the clients. That cannot be said often enough!" —Bernie Clark, Executive Vice President, Schwab Advisor Services "Launching an advisory firm from scratch is undoubtedly risky, but so too is becoming a successor and taking on significant debt to purchase a business for which you will ultimately be responsible. Fortunately, future successors won't have to navigate this dangerous terrain blindly, as the authors of Success and Succession—with a depth of wisdom that can only come from the real experience of having gone through succession plans themselves—share crucial guidance on key operational, financial, and emotional issues that successors must be prepared to navigate in their own succession planning transition. Simply put, this book is a "must-read" for anyone preparing to become the successor of an advisory firm!" —Michael Kitces, Partner & Director of Research for Pinnacle Advisory Group, and publisher of the financial planning industry blog Nerd's Eye View "A few seasons ago, I assembled two separate panels, one of founders, the other of successors, to ponder the pathways to success for transitions within the independent advisory firm industry. My mistake was not putting those thoughtful people on the same stage at the same time. Well, here it is in Success and Succession, even better for the very careful consideration that Eric, Jay, and Tim have given to one of this industry's most urgent issues. Thanks, gentlemen, for helping so many others unlock their potential by effectively coming to grips with one of their most difficult challenges." —Bob Veres, Publisher, Inside Information "Success and Succession will inspire you to leave a lasting legacy in the advisory business you've spent years building. A transformational read where you will embrace a different perspective and proven journey into transferring your business to the next generation of leaders. The authors have come together and given a truly brilliant perspective into the journey of succession planning. This is a must-read for only those advisory firm owners who wish to have a business greater than themselves, and who also wish to leave their stamp on an industry they helped build." —Angela Herbers, Co-Founder and CEO, Kaleido Inc. "Success and Succession is an amazing blueprint for this stage in the advisory movement. It is flexible enough to provide insight for a variety of types of practices, yet specific enough for our firm to take many of its concepts and build them directly into our succession plan. Since it incorporates a founder's perspective with that of successors, it addresses the complexity and trade-offs objectively and usefully. I loved this book." —Ross Levin, CFP, Founding Principal and President, Accredited Investor Inc.

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