The Handbook of Homicide

The Handbook of Homicide

Wiley Handbooks in Criminology and Criminal Justice 1. Aufl.

von: Fiona Brookman, Edward R. Maguire, Mike Maguire

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The Handbook of Homicide presents a series of original essays by renowned authors from around the world, reflecting the latest scholarship on the nature, causes, and patterns of homicide, as well as policies and practices for its investigation and prevention. Includes comprehensive coverage of the complex phenomenon of homicide and its various forms Features original contributions from an esteemed team of global experts and scholars with chapters highlighting the authors’ original research Represents the first internationally-focused collection of the latest research on the nature and causes of homicide Covers both the causes and dynamics of homicide, as well as policies and practices intended to address it
Notes on Contributors Introduction 1. Murderous Thoughts: Examining the Macro, Micro and Momentary in Accounting for Fatal Violence Martin Innes, Sarah Tucker, and Helen Innes 2. Global Patterns and Trends in Homicide Meghan L. Rogers, and William Alex Pridemore 3. Some Trends in Homicide and Its Age-Crime Curves Alfred Blumstein 4. Social and Legal Responses to Homicide Mark Cooney 5. Gang Homicide in the United States: What we Know and future research directions Jesenia M. Pizzaro 6. Drug-Related Homicide Sean Varano, and Joseph B. Kuhns 7. Sexual homicide: A Review of Recent Empirical Evidence (2008 to 2015) Oliver Chan 8. When Women are Murdered Rebecca E. Dobash and Russell P. Dobash 9. Women Murdered in the Name of “Honour” Aisha K. Gill 10. Hate and Homicide: Exploring the extremes of prejudice-motivated violence Nathan Hall 11. Infanticide Carl P. Malmquist 12. Parricide Encapsulated Kathleen M. Heide 13. Corporate Homicide, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Human Rights Gary Slapper 14. Empirical Challenges to Studying Terrorism and Homicide Joseph K. Young, and Erin M. Kearns 15. Multiple Homicide: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder Jack Levin, and James Alan Fox 16. Genocide & State Sponsored Killing Andy Aydýn-Aitchison 17. Homicide in Europe Marieke Liem 18. Comparing characteristics of homicides in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden Soenita M. Ganpat 19. Homicide in Britain Fiona Brookman, Helen Jones and Sophie Pike 20.Homicide in Canada Myrna Dawson 21. Typifying American Exceptionalism: Homicide in the USA Amanda L. Robinson & Christopher D. Maxwell 22. Homicide in Japan Tom Ellis and Koichi Hamai 23. Homicide in Australia and New Zealand: Precursors and Prevention Paul Mazerolle, Li Eriksson, Richard Wortley, and Holly Johnson 24. Drivers of Homicide in Latin America and the Caribbean Erik Alda 25. Homicide in Russia: Issues of measuring and theoretical explanations Alexandra V. Lysova, and Nikolay G. Shchitov 26. Understanding Homicide in China Liqun Cao 27. Homicide in India: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Jaishankar Karuppannan and Debarati Halder 28. Homicide in South Africa Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard 29. Technology and Homicide Investigation Patrick Brady, and William King 30. Solving Homicide: Trends, Causes, and Ways to Improve Charles Wellford, and Thomas S. Alexander 31. Using DNA in the Investigation of Homicide: Scientific, Operational and Evidential Considerations Robin Williams 32. Cold Case Homicide Investigation Cheryl Allsop 33. A Damning Cascade of Investigative Errors: Flaws in Homicide Investigation in the USA Deborah Davis, and Richard Leo 34. Seeing and Treating Violence as a Health Issue Charles Ranford, and Gary Slutkin 35. Identifying and Intervening in Homicide Networks Andrew Fox, and Olivia R. Allen 36. Focused deterrence and the Reduction of Gang Homicide Anthony Braga 37. From Theory to Practice: Reducing Gun Violence and Homicide in Detroit Eric Grommon, John D. McCluskey, and Timothy S. Bynum 38. Preventing Homicide Edward R. Maguire Index
Fiona Brookman is Professor of Criminology at the University of South Wales, UK. She is the author of Understanding Homicide (2005) and co-editor of Handbook on Crime (2010). She has written over fifty articles and chapters on various themes related to violence and homicide. Edward R. Maguire is Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Associate Director in the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety at Arizona State University, USA. He has written or edited four books and more than seventy articles and chapters on various themes related to policing, violence, research methodology, and comparative criminology. Mike Maguire is Part-Time Professor of Criminology at the University of South Wales, UK and Professor Emeritus at Cardiff University, UK. He is co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (5th edition, 2012), and is a long-standing member of the Correctional Services Accreditation and Advice Panel.
"The Handbook of Homicide will be an invaluable resource to those interested in understanding the phenomenon in all its diversity and complexity." Thomas P. Abt, Harvard Kennedy School "Murder, the gravest of human transgressions, and other varieties of homicide are treated in exhaustive breadth in this volume. The geographic and topical scope are impressive. There are contributions both fascinating for scholars of homicide and useful for those charged with keeping it from happening and solving it when it does. How much of cross-national variation in homicide statistics reflects real differences in rates of killing rather than differences in definition and reporting practices? What are the non-legal factors influencing how severely different killings are sanctioned? What is corporate homicide? Why is DNA rarely a smoking gun? These, among many other questions asked and answered, make this an interesting and valuable collection." Joel Wallman, The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation for the Study of Violence. The Handbook of Homicide presents a comprehensive collection of original essays by renowned experts and scholars from around the world, exploring the nature, causes, and patterns of homicide, as well as policies and practices for its investigation and prevention. It offers novel insights into the significant range and complexity of homicide in its myriad forms and includes chapters on homicide in regions of the world and types of homicide that are often overlooked in existing literature. Theoretical and research-based insights are presented to help explain global variations in crime rates, and shifting patterns and trends. Further chapters explore specific types of homicide including: gang, drug-related, sexual homicides, honor and hate killings, infanticide, terrorism, and genocide. This Handbook also examines the latest approaches utilized by police agencies and forensic science labs to investigate homicide cases, and covers the state-of-the-art research currently available to reduce and prevent homicide The Handbook of Homicide provides an indispensable source of information on all aspects of the extremely complex global phenomenon that represents the most serious form of violent crime

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