The Bloomberg Way

The Bloomberg Way

A Guide for Journalists
Bloomberg 14. Aufl.

von: John Micklethwait, Paul Addison, Jennifer Sondag, Bill Grueskin

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Verlag: Bloomberg Press
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 13.07.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119272328
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 368

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Learn best practices from the most trusted name in business and financial reporting The Bloomberg Way is the journalist's guide to covering business, finance and the economy, with authoritative guidance from the editor-in-chief and senior editors of Bloomberg. As the lines between objectivity and opinion become increasingly blurred, the new edition of the Bloomberg Way shows you how to be the first to publish print and multimedia content with accuracy and journalistic integrity. The authors walk through the best-practice reporting, writing and editing processes followed by this elite, global journalistic organization.  You'll learn how to work effectively in a highly competitive real-time news environment where every second matters. The book offers expert tips for taking a story from pitch to publication, along with discussion of journalistic principles including fairness, transparency, sourcing, libel, privacy and ethics. The Bloomberg Way describes essential guidelines for producing content for print, broadcast and web audiences. Topics include interviewing techniques, clarity and precision in writing and editing, compelling headlines and leads, the marriage of words and data in stories, effective charts and graphs, how to appear on television, writing for the web, and more. Each topic is accompanied by how-to examples and showcases useful functions from the Bloomberg Terminal.  The Bloomberg Way also shows you how to collaborate with colleagues across platforms to report and present stories about: The stock, bond, commodity and currency markets. Companies, including earnings, mergers, debt, product strategy and managementms changes. Economies and their intersection with government and politics. The Bloomberg Way is the definitive book for any journalist or media specialist who needs to know how one of the world's leading news organizations covers news about business, finance and the economy.
Introduction ix Chapter 1: What We Do 1 The Bloomberg Way 2 Bloomberg Editorial & Research 4 Collaboration in Action 9 Chapter 2 How We Report 15 Learning a Beat 15 Sourcing 21 Interviewing 26 Breaking News 30 The Multiplatform Approach 33 Beyond Breaking News 37 Pitching Your Story 42 Research Using the Terminal 44 Chapter 3 How We Write 49 Headlines 50 Leads & Nut Paragraphs 60 The Whole Story 69 Writing Well 74 Corrections & Lapses 80 Sending Corrections 83 Social Media 83 Chapter 4 How We Use Data 91 Charting 92 Commonly Used Terms 95 Common Errors 100 Automation 101 Technical Analysis 103 Chapter 5 Ethics & Standards 107 Accuracy & Fairness 108 Defamation 110 Privacy 113 Access 114 Plagiarism 115 Conflicts of Interest 116 Conduct 120 Endorsements & Paying Our Way 122 Events & Interviews 123 Contests 124 Chapter 6 How We Cover Markets 127 What’s Moving (& Why) 128 Traders & Investors 131 Markets Style 133 Equities 135 Debt 138 Currencies 143 Commodities 147 Chapter 7 How We Cover Companies 153 Earnings 154 Deals 160 Corporate Debt 166 Finding News 170 Context & Valuation 173 Corporate Equity 177 Chapter 8 How We Cover Economies & Governments 183 Economies 184 Governments 192 Acknowledgments 197 Appendix 199 Words & Terms 213 Index 323
John Micklethwait has been the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg Editorial & Research since 2015. Previously, he was the editor-in-chief of The Economist. Paul Addison and Jennifer Sondag are editors for global training. Paul joined Bloomberg in 1994, and Jennifer joined in 2000. Bill Grueskin is a professor at Columbia Journalism School. Previously, he was Bloomberg's executive editor for global training.
In today's economy, news stories often have an immediate impact, amplifying the need for reliable reporting and journalistic excellence. By following the Bloomberg Way, any journalist can learn how to embrace this fast-changing world. The Bloomberg Way is the style and reporting guide of Bloomberg Editorial & Research, the leader in global financial and business journalism.??Now in its 14th edition, the book reflects the standards of accuracy and transparency that Bloomberg's first editor-in-chief, Matthew Winkler, brought to the newsroom at its inception in 1990. The latest version addresses Bloomberg's expansion across multiple platforms, including television, radio, the web, and magazines. It also offers guidance on learning a beat, using the Bloomberg Terminal, and storytelling with charts and graphs.

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