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Diabetes in Old Age



Alan J. Sinclair

Diabetes Frail Ltd, and University of Aston, Birmingham, UK

Trisha Dunning

Deakin University, Geelong, Australia

Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas

Hospital Universitario de Getafe, Madrid, Spain

Medha Munshi

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University, USA















Diabetes in Old Age, 4th Edition

The primary purpose of this book is to promote high-quality diabetes care for all older people irrespective of their health or social care setting. This brings with it the equally important need to ensure their wellbeing, quality of life, and an acceptable level of physical and cognitive functioning.

Older people also have a fundamental right to expect this care to be delivered in a compassionate and effective way using, where possible, all modern treatments and technology. With this view in mind, we decided at an early stage of the preparation of this book that individual contributions should be provided by active investigators in the field, many of whom are leading international authorities, rather than by armchair physicians and clinicians. Our expert contributors come from the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, and South America.

We have also tried to establish a balance between diabetes care in community settings and care in hospital or care homes. All these aspects and more are covered. We have included a “Key messages” section in each chapter and have limited the number of references cited where possible in an attempt to cite more recent work.

This book has been written to appeal to general physicians, diabetologists, geriatricians, hospital-based and community nurses, diabetes specialist nurses, social care staff, commissioners of health and social services, policy makers, and other allied professional staff and stakeholders.

This edition gains from the inclusion as new editors three highly distinguished clinical scientists, Trisha Dunning, Medha Munshi, and Leocadio Rodriguez Manas, who have worked tirelessly with Alan J. Sinclair to produce this book.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the administrative support of Caroline Sinclair.

Alan J. Sinclair, Medha Munshi, Leocadio Rodriguez Manas, and Trisha Dunning