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Windows ® 10 Anniversary Update BIBLE

Rob Tidrow

Jim Boyce

Jeffrey R. Shapiro





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Rob Tidrow would like to dedicate this book to his wife (Tammy) and his two sons (Adam and Wesley).

About the Authors

Rob Tidrow has authored and co-authored more than 35 books on computers and technology. He specializes in operating systems, social media tools, live video technologies, Office suite applications, web technologies, and networking. Some of his books include Windows 8.1 Bible, IBM Lotus Symphony for Dummies, Teach Yourself Visually Microsoft Windows Vista, and Teach Yourself Visually Wireless Networking (Wiley). Rob has been a guest speaker at several industry events, including Indiana CTO Clinic, Blog Indiana, HECC Conference (Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators), and the RCS eLearning Expo.

Today, Rob is chief operations officer for Richmond Comunity Schools in Richmond, IN (, where he leads several departments, including information technology, facilities/maintenance, food service, transportation, and security for more than 6,000 students and staff. He resides in Richmond, IN with his wife, Tammy, and two sons, Adam and Wesley. Follow him on Twitter (@robtidrow) and Facebook (

Jim Boyce has authored or co-authored more than 55 books on computers and technology, covering operating systems, applications, and programming topics. He has been a frequent contributor to, TechRepublic (, and other online publications. Jim has written for a number of print publications, including Windows IT Pro, WINDOWS Magazine, InfoWorld, and others, and was a contributing editor and columnist for WINDOWS Magazine.

Jim has been involved with IT in various capacities for nearly 40 years. He has been a CAD system administrator and trainer, college instructor, independent IT consultant, ISP owner, and practice director for managed services practices in a global environment. Today, Jim is a delivery management manager for Microsoft Services and a former Microsoft MVP.

Jeffrey R. Shapiro has worked in IT for more than 21 years. He has published more than 20 books on IT, network administration, and software development, and has written for numerous publications. Some of his books include Windows Server Bible (from version 2000 to 2008), Building High Availability Windows Server Solutions, and numerous books on Microsoft's server technologies, Visual Studio, and the .NET programing languages.

Jeffrey works for MISIQ (, an organization that specializes in IT infrastructure and software architecture, systems, and development for large companies. MISIQ caters to cloud-based infrastructure, high-performance software for large web and line-of-business solutions, and Windows Server and Windows migration strategies.

About the Technical Editor

Vince Averello has been a professional geek for more than thirty years. During those often funny, sometimes frightening, but always interesting years, he's worked for more than ten organizations lending his expertise to a variety of projects. Every one of them has been a learning experience, so now he knows a little bit about a lot of things ranging from the Internet to garment trucking. Vince lives in lovely midtown Bayonne, New Jersey, with his loving wife, daughter, and two cats with delusions of grandeur.


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We want to recognize Carole McClendon for bringing us this opportunity. This project would not have stayed on track without Marty Minner pushing and pulling us. Finally, we offer our appreciation and thanks to Vince Averello for his technical review of the manuscript.

It was a great experience.