Coming From Behind the Curtain: 7 Steps to…Revealing the True Essence of YOU!
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I want to first acknowledge my Lord Jesus Christ and all his phenomenal glory. He has blessed me beyond measure and greater than anything I could have ever imagined. He has poured his undying favor over my life; his insurmountable love for me is beyond my own comprehension. For his love and faithfulness, I am truly grateful! Secondly, I would like to acknowledge my friend and Development Editor, Ms. Tiffany Brown, for her support in this process.
This Book is Lovingly Dedicated to…
My Parents: William & Brenda Chaney
You are first my parents, but you are also my spiritual support system. Thanks for believing in me even as a young child who had so many dreams and talents. You provided the opportunity to travel from state to state, participate in homecoming courts, talent shows, modeling agencies, acting, and many more enriching activities throughout my life. Having God in the forefront of our home provided balance in our lives that would sustain me in everything I would do even today. You both inspired me to have my own relationship with Jesus Christ.
Thank you for instilling in me a strong sense of push to never settle and be complicit in life but rather to always reach for greater heights. Your love, faith, friendship, and your kind, gentle spirit makes living with you in my life each day a gift. I would not be the woman I am today without the seeds you have sown in my life. I respect you, love you, admire you, and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Thank you for being the best parents that God could have possibly blessed me with, and most importantly, thanks for being true!
My Children: Janae & John
My sweet, beautiful, and loving children…You both have been my inspiration the minute I found out I was pregnant. Your unconditional love for me has given me the heart to continue to be the best example that I can be to exhibit love to you both. When I look in both your eyes, it gives me so much strength and faith to keep winning. Thank you for being such an influence of love and support for Mommy. I love you both more than you could ever know!
My Siblings: Tony, Willetta, & Meloniese
I appreciate your love and support over the years. Our talks strengthened me, your protection comforted me, your wisdom inspired me, and your love sustained me. I appreciate you each in a special way. We have an unbreakable bond thanks to the love our parents showed us. I am honored to call you sister and brother. I love you!
My Extended Family: Mother Dorothy Dukes & the Late Superintendent Horace Dukes
Thank you for being great examples of what the Word of God is and what the Word of God looks like in teaching me the fundamentals of Christianity. Your impact in my life is immeasurable and so is my love for you.
My Grandmother: Pearlene Glass-Tanks
Last but not least, I must thank my beloved grandmother who is no longer here in the natural, but in spirit; you have never left me. Your strong faith in God has always shone brightly even as I was a child growing into adulthood. Your sincere prayers and words of wisdom will always be in my heart. You are deeply missed but never forgotten. Love you, grandmother!
STEP 1: Self-Evaluation
STEP 2: Focus on Assessing Your Level of Pain & Hurt
STEP 3: Examine Your Wants Versus His Will for Your Life
STEP 4: Seek and Give Pure Love, God’s Kind of Love
STEP 5: Realize that Forgiveness is Not a Choice; It’s a Command
STEP 6: Change Your Confessions
STEP 7: Realize that He Created You to Be “Unapologetically Me”
To know Jarneen is to love her! Her passion for uplifting and serving others is obvious upon first meeting her. Watching her grace and beauty as she engages with others is genuine and simply amazing. The smile, the success, and her undying faith have not come without struggle. Jarneen has made a concerted effort to move past the struggles to embrace her best self. In doing so, she has been able to inspire all of us who have the distinct pleasure of knowing her.
As I read the first draft of this book, I was encouraged by the wisdom, hope, and adaptable strategies she shares. Reading this book will be a decision you won’t regret. Be blessed and be prepared to grow throughout this journey!
This book is a blessing!
From the bottom of my heart!
Juandolyn Stokes
I am so proud of my sister in Christ and friend, Jarneen Chaney! I had the distinct pleasure of walking with her as she masterfully drafted this guide. I can personally attest to the care, devotion, and heart that she put into every word. Her wonderfully scripted stories help us all see bits of ourselves while gaining a better understanding of others.
As you will see, this message is a gift from God meant to inspire you and reaffirm his word in your life. Jarneen eloquently writes from a place of wisdom, experience, and victory. She boldly speaks out on subjects that many of us hide from daily. Through her words and stories, I have been blessed and encouraged to effect immediate change in my life. I am working daily to implement her recommended strategies as I strive to change the landscape of my life. It is no coincidence that Jarneen would have me serve as her Development Editor on this project. God knows that being close to her and close to this amazing project has been a life- changing experience for me!
Jarneen….Thank you for your heart and obedience. You are truly helping others live a better and more fulfilling life! I love you, my sister!
This is the memoir of a mother, a former wife, an actor, and a business owner who has unrepentantly chosen to come from behind her CURTAIN, shining a spotlight on her own past experiences to help readers walk in their purpose!
Some may ask what coming from behind the curtain means and how it relates to my life and the choices I make daily. Let’s first take a moment to define the term Coming from Behind the Curtain in its figurative meaning. We will then take a journey together as we reflect on our past and the life that we are currently living.
Coming from Behind the Curtainlife’s stage