The Weavers of Chinese Medizin
libri nigri, Band 47

von: Fengli Lan, Friedrich Wallner

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Verlag: Bautz, Traugott
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 31.07.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9783869458168
Sprache: englisch

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Qu Xiang Bi Lei is the metaphorizing process and the way of forming metaphors in Chinese medicine, and metaphor is its deep structure. In real fact, Chinese medicine is a linguistic medical system for it forms in the way of linguistication and metaphorization. Interpreting metaphors in Chinese medicine is a key to understand, reconstruct, inherit and develop Chinese medicine.
1 Cultural Differences between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

2 Tian Ren He Yi:
The Ontological Presupposition of Chinese Medicine

3 Qu Xiang Bi Lei:
The Metaphorizing Process and the Way of Forming Metaphors in Chinese Medicine

4 Metaphors in Chinese Medicine:
Revealing Relationships and an Exact Thinking

5 Metaphorizing:
The Way to Bridge The Book of Changes and Chinese Medicine

6. Metaphorizing:
A Vital Approach to Understand Yin-Yang and Five Phases

7 Metaphorizing:
A Vital Way to Understand the Human Being

8 Number Metaphors for Constructing the Theoretical System of Chinese Medicine

9 Metaphorizing:
A Vital Way to Understand and Modernize Chinese Herbal Medicine

10 Metaphorizing:
A Vital Way to Understand the Concept of Health and Disease

11 Metaphorizing:
A Vital Way to Develop Chinese Medicine

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