Intercultural Experience and Identity

Intercultural Experience and Identity

Narratives of Chinese Doctoral Students in the UK
Palgrave Studies on Chinese Education in a Global Perspective

von: Lily Lei Ye

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 13.06.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783319913735
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This book examines the identity formation and negotiation of Chinese doctoral students in the UK, and the opportunity for self-transformation this experience offers. As the largest group of international students in the English-speaking world, Mainland Chinese students encounter a range of difficulties and prospects that may be relevant to the wider international student community. Using extensive qualitative and empirical data, the author explores the narratives of eleven Chinese doctoral students at two British universities through a sociological perspective. Balancing analysis with solid theoretical framework and the voices of the students themselves, the author moves away from essentialism and ‘othering’, instead shining a light on the effects of globalisation, internationalisation and recent policy strategies. This volume will be of interest and value to students and scholars of comparative and international education, identity formation, intercultural communication, the sociology of education and study abroad.
Chapter 1. Setting the scene for narratives to follow.- Chapter 2. The story of researching Chinese international doctoral students.- Chapter 3. Engaging with the existing stories.- Chapter 4. Exploring the self through Giddens and Bourdieu.- Chapter 5. A Dialogue with the past: thinking through life-style choices.- Chapter 6. Surviving and thriving in a foreign land: keeping the narrative going.- Chapter 7. Growing and becoming: the expanded self.- Chapter 8. Bringing the future into the present: thinking through imagined future trajectories
Lily Lei Ye is Associate Professor in the School of Language and Culture at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China. Her research interests include culture studies, the sociology of education, comparative and international education, applied linguistics, intercultural communication and the sociology of fashion. 
Addresses the question of intercultural education from a sociological perspectiveExamines the experiences of Mainland Chinese doctoral students without resorting to essentialism or 'othering'Provides a filter through which the experiences of the wider international student community can be seen
“The burgeoning literature on Chinese international students is dominated by writers and researchers from host institutions who inevitably present issues through the prism of their own experience. Lily Ye, in contrast is one of a small but growing generation of Chinese writers who have received their post-graduate education in the English-speaking world and are thus able to draw both on the perspectives of fellow students and on their own lived experience. Dr Ye’s use of Giddens’ project of the reflective self to interpret the narratives of Chinese PhD students is original, exciting, challenging and illuminating. Participants emerge not as passive victims of a system where they often face multiple disadvantages, but as active agents who mould their international experiences in ways which mirror their aspirations.” (Professor Viv Edwards, University of Reading, UK)