Highly Sensitive

Highly Sensitive

Calvary of a hsperson

von: Chris Novi

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Verlag: Sag7 Music
Format: MOBI
Veröffentl.: 20.04.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783950458367
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 34

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The autobiographical novel of Chris Novi tells the moving story of a man with a multi-diagnosed psychological condition, searching to find himself. Hidden within, is the story of creation in a seamless form of classic literary essay and esoteric literature. The work is supported by the bestselling author Dr. Elaine N. Aron and by Natascha Kampusch. This innovative work is published as a unique acoustic novel that is perfectly framed by the musical selections of the collective work.
Table of contents
Table of contents2
Chapter 1– The Arrival7
Chapter 2 – The Crossroads9
My Baby Michelle9
Genius Failure10
Forget You12
The Wall13
Human Silence14
Good Bye My Love15
If You17
Sweet Child Of Mine18
I Don't Need You Anymore20
Collector's Price22
Chapter 3 – The Resurrection23
Package leaflet – 12 Steps28
Chris Novi, born on December 17, 1976 in Vienna , is an author, composer, singer and social anthropologist. Because of a number of traumatic life events, he grew to become an eccentric with psychological problems and thus has a history of multiple diagnoses. Without having been fully aware of sensory processing sensitivity, he steadily approached it on his stony path through life. He came to know the impact of the unawareness of his special talent through a personal catharsis. Through darkness and suffering comes light. In the end is freedom.
"It's not about time – it's about life."
The ex-policeman lives and works in the meantime as a social anthropologist and independent artist in Austria. He is purely self-taught. As a writer and musician he brought about an innovation in the global book and music market with his multimedia debut "I am Highly Sensitive – Christus Lebt!" His acoustical novel was published both as a scientific treatise on the subject of sensory processing sensitivity in the form of an autobiographical novel and as an abridgment, play and audio book under the title "Highly Sensitive" by the by the music publishing company SAG7. In addition to the literary part, the work contains 14 compositions by the highly sensitive artist, which can be listened to via QR codes in the middle of the book. With his works Chris Novi, on the one hand, sets himself apart from the conventional literature and music scene and, on the other hand, champions the interests of the socially maligned "highly sensitive person" (abbr. HSP). Information campaigns and raising awareness are his personal concern. Together with a like-minded friend he brought the "SAG7" initiative to life. After all, there is a world to be saved, a world in which natural creation finds less and less of an echo. So, that's who we are. At the beginning of our future. And what do YOU live for?

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