Feminism and the Western in Film and Television

Feminism and the Western in Film and Television

von: Mark E. Wildermuth

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Veröffentl.: 17.04.2018
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This book works to complicate and push against common arguments that the Western from its inception is an anti-feminist genre. By focusing on representations of women professionals in Westerns, it shows that women in cinematic and televisual Westerns sometimes do acquire agency and empowerment in the private and public realms, despite our culture’s tendency to gender the former as feminine and the latter as solely masculine. The study reviews the relationship of these progressive Westerns to both explicit and latent feminist ideologies relevant to their times, as the films evolved from the 1930s to the twenty-first century.
1. Introduction: Is the Western an Inherently Anti-feminist Genre?2. Women Professionals in 1930’s Film Westerns in the Context of the Progressive Age and the New Deal Gender Politics3. Women and Westerns in the Films of the 1940s4. Women and Western Films in the Cold War5. After the Cold War: From the 1990’s Interregnum to 9/116. Women and Television Westerns, 1954–20017. Conclusion: Some Reflections on Women, Violence and Westerns
Mark E. Wildermuth is Dunagan Professor of English at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, USA. His previous publications include Blood in the Moonlight: Michael Mann and Information Age Cinema; Print, Chaos and Complexity: Samuel Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Media Culture; and Gender, Science Fiction Television, and the American Security State: 1958–Present.
Traces the evolution of feminist Westerns in film and television and shows how they resisted the sexism of the times as they kept pace with the evolution of feminism in the American political, social, and cultural scene

Uses rhetorical analysis of Westerns to show that how they make strong appeals to liberate women from the confines placed on them by the reigning cultural construct

Complicates the landmark works of John Cawleti and Jane Tompkins by arguing how Westerns have illustrated feminist positions and portrayals despite an accepted idea that anti-feminist ideologies of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century are embedded in the genre

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