Buddhism for Overthinkers

Buddhism for Overthinkers

von: Timo Schmitz

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Verlag: Buddha TS Publishing
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 23.05.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783963764189
Sprache: englisch
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Is there any God in Buddhism? Is Buddhism an atheist religion? Which meditation practices are common? ... The author of this book had a dispute with himself, concerning all these deep-rooted philosophical questions, and therefore he started to write spontaneously, without knowing where his journey will lead him. Topics such as meditation or the rationality of the Buddhist etiquette are discussed, as well as the key points of several sutras such as the Diamond Sutra, Heart Sutra and Lankavatara Sutra are introduced in a very few words, and commonalities and differences between Buddhism and two other religions (Hinduism and Bön) are compared. The book is very useful for those who already have a basic knowledge about Buddhism and want to find an inspiration for themselves, especially if they are not sure yet, which kind of Buddhism suits them best.
Timo Schmitz is a German-Luxembourgish language fanatic, philosopher, journalist, poet and book author. In 2012, he started to write his first poetry collection in English which was published in 2013 and the start of his professional career. Further poetry collections in different languages followed. He wrote poems in English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Russian, Chechen, Korean, Chinese, Flemish and Yiddish. In addition, he authored books on Buddhism, Daoism, Chechen history, and fictional literature (short stories and a novel).

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