An Oasis in Time

An Oasis in Time

How a Day of Rest Can Save Your Life

von: Marilyn Paul

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Veröffentl.: 22.08.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781623366636
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There is a surprising way out of the frenzy, that always-being-behind feeling, and the endless to-do list.
Now more than ever, people are seeking a reprieve from the constant pressure to achieve, produce, and consume. While many turn to sporadic bouts of mindfulness and meditation, organizational change specialist Marilyn Paul offers a complementary solution that is as radical as it is ancient. In her new book An Oasis in Time, Paul focuses on the profound benefits of taking a modern-day Sabbath each week for deep rest and nourishing renewal. The energy, perspective, creativity, sense of well-being, and yes, increased productivity that ensue are lifesaving.
Drawing on Sabbath tradition, contemporary research, and interviews with scores of busy people, Paul shows that it is possible to introduce these practices regardless of your religious beliefs. Starting with just an hour or two, you can carve out the time from your packed schedule, design your weekly oasis experience, and most importantly, change your mind-set so you can enjoy the pleasure of regularly slowing down and savoring life every week. From surrounding yourself with nature to practicing rituals for beginning and ending oasis time to implementing strategies for connecting with friends and family, self, and source, you will discover practical ways to step off the treadmill and into timeless refreshment on your way to a calmer, richer, more fulfilling life.
Marilyn Paul, M.B.A. Ph.D., is a coach, author, speaker, and senior consultant with Bridgeway Partners, an organizational consulting group based in Boston. Marilyn has taught at the Yale School of Medicine, the Massachusetts General Hospital School for Health Professions, and the Hebrew University School of Public Health. Marilyn's work is about improving people's lives at work, at home, and in the world. Marilyn and her work have been featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Spirituality Magazine, and Yoga Journal. She offers regular webinars through the Mussar Institute. She lives in Los Angeles.

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