3 Great Historical Mysteries

3 Great Historical Mysteries

Roman Games, One for Sorrow, Wine of Violence

von: Bruce Macbain, M.E. Mayer, Priscilla Royal

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Here are three great historical crime novels in one volume. ROMAN GAMES: Rome, AD 95 – a city under the thrall of a tyrant. It is up to Gaius Plinius Secundus – better known to posterity as Pliny the Younger – to investigate the murder of one of emperor's favourites. He has just 15 days to solve the case, 15 days that will threaten Pliny's conscience, his life and the stability of Rome itself. ONE FOR SORROW: Amid the splendour and the squalor of sixth-century Byzantium. A treasury official has been murdered. Could someone have killed him for a priceless holy relic? A Knight from distant Bretania seems to believe so... WINE OF VIOLENCE: AD 1270. On a remote East Anglian coast stands the priory of Tyndal, a place dedicated to love and peace. But Eleanor of Wynethorpe, the new prioress, will find little of either... Only a day after Eleanor's arrival, a brutally mutilated monk is found dead in the cloister gardens.
Roman Games. One for Sorrow. Wine of Violence.
BRUCE MACBAIN taught Classics at Boston University. M.E. MAYER is the husband and wife team of Mary Read and Eric Mayer and have written nine Death in Byzantium mysteries. PRISCILLA ROYAL is the author of nine Medieval Mysteries.

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